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Vashap Swedan Yantra
- Panchakarma (Ayurvedic) Equipments,
Massage cum Sirodhara table,
PanchaKarma Products

   Vashap Swedan Yantra (Steam Bath Cabins / Cabinets)


We have quality products in Steam Bath Cabinet with steam generator. All our models are efficient and display quality in Panchakarma (Ayurvedic) products.

An ISO 9001 Company - India Medico Instruments
:: IMI - 2241: STEAM CABINET(With steam generator)
STEAM CABINET - Vashap Swedan Yantra - Panchakarma Ayurvedic Products

A well designed sturdily built cabinet made out of water proof ply. Equipped with adjustable wooden seat and foot rest. Fitted with copper steam generator, pressure gauge indicator, steam flow valve and pilot lights. Works on electricity and requires no plumbing connection. Laminated finish outside and spray painted inside.
Approximate size width 28" x depth 37" x height 47".
-Water proof ply painted inside and with laminted finish from outside. Comes with adj. wooden seat.
-3 kw. Copper body Steam Generator equipped with Thermostat, Safety Valve, Pressure switch, Pressure gauge and Steam flow valve for ensuring safety.

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:: IMI - 2260: SARVANG VASHPA SWEDAN YANTRA (Trolley type with steam generator)
- Vashap Swedan Yantra -
Panchakarma Ayurvedic Products

Lying Steam-Bath, hardwood constructed, with three glass windows, on each side. Steam is generated by 2 Kw. electric boiler with safety devices. The steam passes in the box from both sides & can be controlled by gate valves. A special moving trolley with perforated bed, where patient lies, is an integral part of the unit. Fitted with dail thermometer.
Inside painted white & outside is well polished.

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:: IMI - 2261: KUMBHA VASHPA SWEDAN YANTRA (with steam generator)
- Vashap Swedan Yantra -
Panchakarma Ayurvedic Products

Full-body steambath, made of water resistance Hard-wood and Teakwood. Speciffically designed as a box for weak patients to have steam bath in lying down position. Patient's head rests on wooden pillow out side the chamber and body rest on wooden mesh inside the box. The lid is fitted with fiber glass covering, lid opens on hinges for convenience of the patient to enter. Steam is generated electricaly, inside the Yantra, in Stainless Steel open boiler with 3 x 1kw. Heaters and steam spreads uniformly. A Stainless steel mesh box is provided with boiler to place medicinal leaves/roots inside the boiler.
Note: If requested the boiler can also be fitted with LPG gas burners at extra cost.
Overall approximate Size: 84" x 36" x 24".

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- Vashap Swedan Yantra -
Panchakarma Ayurvedic Products  

Suitable for giving steam bath at a particular point. The aluminium body boiler is fitted with an electric heater, pressure gauge, safty pressure valve, steam flow control valve and a pointed nozzel to give proper steam-bath at a point.
Mounted on Four wheels for easy mobility.

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- Vashap Swedan Yantra -
Panchakarma Ayurvedic Products  

Comfortable chair, constructed of tubuler pipe & finished in oven baked enamel is fitted with solid Teak wood seat having electricaly Steam Generating unit for fomentation. Medicinal roots or leaves can be added in to the water and can be cleaned easily. The Steam generator is fitted with digital temprature controller & a Timer to prefix the treatment time.
The foam padded back with side arm supports adds comfort to the patient.

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:: IMI - 2522: MOIST HEAT THERAPY UNIT (Junior, Mobile)
- Vashap Swedan Yantra -
Panchakarma Ayurvedic Products  

Made out of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet double walled, fully insulated in between top and sides. Overall size 45cm x 30cm x 75cm high. Fitted with 2000 watts immersion heater, pilot lights and thermostat for heat control. A drain valve is provided for emptying. Mounted on 75mm dia. rubber castors for easy mobility. Comes with 8 Steam packs (five of standard size 25cm x 30cm, one of half size 12cm x 30cm, one of contour shape cervical pack size 16cm x 60cm and one full back size 25cm x 50cm, containing special heat retaining silica gel crystals. Polished finish inside & spc. paint finish outside.

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